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My parents never spent extortionate amounts of money dressing me as a child and I'm pretty sure it never did me any harm; if I have children they will be clothed in hand-me-downs, cheap market clobber and charity shop togs until they are old enough to put up a fight. Having said this, I couldn't help but let out a sigh of pleasure when I saw the Acne Miniature clothing line, the pieces are perfect down-sized versions of the adult clothing. There's no cloying sentimentality here and you can forget velvet knickerbockers because the clothes are truly covetable. I love the mini puffball skirt and the acid-dye t-shirt (pictured) would make it on my wishlist if I weren't 4 feet too tall.

Beautiful as it may be I still haven't changed my mind about Acne Miniature, there's no way I'm being upstaged by my own offspring! Check out the collection here.