Like mother, like son, eh? Dame Vivienne Westwood's eldest son launched a protest at the House of Commons this week, alongside bound-and-gagged fetish-clad models. Ben Westwood, an erotic photographer, was protesting against the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill 2008, which will come into effect on 1st January.

The Bill outlaws images of an extreme erotic or pornographic nature, such as the ones featured in Westwood's 2005 book, F**k Fashion: The Erotic Photography of Ben Westwood. According to the law, anyone in possession of this book could face a jail sentence of up to three years.

"The government gets away with murder when it comes to legislating about our sexual behaviour because we are a strait-laced nation and far too many of us are embarrassed about talking about sex," the designer's son told WWD.

But where was mum? It is unlike Vivs to miss a good protest, surely.

[Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex Features]