katiegrand_leavingpop.jpgEver since we heard that Katie Grand was officially decamping from POP to join the glossy walls of Condé Nast, we (like many of you) were left to ask - erm... why? Now, a bit more light has been shed on why Grand is leaving the magazine that she founded, to launch a new 'edgy' publication for a rival company.

"There was a definite feeling of being a square peg in a round hole," she told the Guardian. "We were acutely aware of doing something different from everyone else. By the end, to be walking through radio advertising or whatever and be openly called 'the weirdos', it was just unpleasant."

Not only that, it seems that Condé Nast were originally planning to buy POP from Bauer lock, stock and barrel, but then Bauer declined the offer.

"We kept hearing that they [Bauer] weren't very committed to POP but eventually they decided it was no dice, they didn't want to sell it," said Nicholas Coleridge, the managing director of Condé Nast UK. "But by that time Katie had come into our lives. I guess we've been flirting, in a career sense."

Meanwhile, to answer that other question - what will now happen to POP, Bauer's managing director of its women's titles, David Davies, maintains that the title will continue to remain in our lives.

"Why would it not?" he asks, adding that Condé Nast are "copying" their idea. "We'll continue in the more maverick role. Katie has probably achieved what she's going to with the title. POP will be very different going forward and it's very exciting for us. Condé Nast is more of an institution, and that's not our role."

As for that new magazine that Grand has been put in charge of, Katie herself admits that "it's not an ideal time to launch a new magazine," however the Condé mob appear more than confident.

"I still think of myself as an editor before a stylist," Katie adds. "I like that thing of going into an office and being bossy, saying, 'Let's do this'. It's what I've always wanted to do."

Interesting isn't it? I look forward to seeing the results.

[Source / Image: Rex Features]