stylethisjanen.jpgStyle This went on a little break during fashion week madness, but now the hype has calmed down and things are back to normal at Shiny Towers, it's time for you to get your creative juices flowing again, styling an outfit around a piece I've chosen to challenge you. This week it's Jane Norman's nod to Alaia, a bodycon bandage dress in purple and black.

Submit your outfit by creating the look on Polyvore, the free outfit creation tool (it's much easier than making up images yourself). When you're done, send a link to your outfit in an email to with the subject 'Style This Oct 20th', or click 'send this set as an e-card' in Polyvore, and send it to me that way.

Get your entries in by Friday morning, as I'll be posting a gallery of all the entries and asking people to vote for their favourites on Friday afternoon! Happy styling!