I find myself spending more and more time on Etsy at the moment, seeking out interesting stuff that'll jazz up the more basic stuff in my wardrobe and stop it looking too bland. My latest find, Bonzie, creates the most amazing wraps, shrugs and neckpieces. They're all covered in fabric flowers and embellishments that would look amazing over the many strapless party dresses that are currently saturating the high street...

What's really got me excited about these creations are the prices. A more basic wrap like the one bottom right will set you back only $65, an amazing price considering a high street shrug with similar detailing would probably be a good £30+. There's also the option of a custom pieces (for obvious reasons, the designer does a lot of bridal commissions) at very reasonable prices as well.

Bonzie also sells corsets, headwear and all kinds of amazing couture creations. Check out the designer's blog here, or shop online via etsy now. Ive got my eye on the navy ethereal wrap and the amazing velvet pieces!