"I get goodies every week, and it's dreamy, but I'm given so much I feel guilty. Cosmetics companies usually get it right -- I get lots of black eyeliner. But it's not all good. Sometimes I open a bag and it's full of diamanté jeans Victoria Beckham would love, and I think: "Why do you hate me?" Then the other day I got a whole load of stuff from Moschino and it was like the best day of my life. When I was modelling I used to lust after things I could never afford, and I used to think: "Imagine being Keira Knightley and getting sent all this stuff..." So when I open my door and there's a Louis Vuitton bag, I'm like: "Yes!" "

[Ah, Alexa, it's a tough life isn't it? As told to the Times Online, October 12, 2008 / Image: Rex Features]