vicbeckham_naomijeans.jpgIt tickles me sometimes when I read a story about celeb that seems to have taken on a life of its own. Take, for example, this recent report...

On Wednesday we found out that, just like her hubby, Victoria Beckham has signed on to appear in Emporio Armani underwear ads. Giorgio Armani himself confirmed the deal, and on Thursday we heard from Victoria who said that the timing couldn't be better for her.

"I started running regularly about a year ago and when this campaign came about, I began working harder every day," she told WWD. "And this morning I got on the treadmill and said, 'OK then - this is my last chance!"

From this statement, a new story has emerged indicating that the Spice Girl could also be running in this weekend's New York City Marathon.

I know, what the?! To find out more, read on...

The Daily Stab reports that Victoria could be literally following in Katie Holmes's footsteps by running the NYC Marathon.

"It was meant to be a big secret," a source revealed. "She's been training for months with the main goal of running in the New York Marathon. But, if she doesn't feel ready, she's planning to do the one in Los Angeles in February next year."

Holmes ran a final time of 5:29:58 - will Miss Beckham do better?

Er, I think I'll wait to see the hard photographic evidence on this one.