primrosehill_film.jpgFashion films are flying at the moment, with countless Chanel biopics in production, as well as a rumoured flick about Vivienne Westwood, which is tipped to star Kate Winslet.

Now it looks like Kate Moss and rest of the Primrose Hill set could soon be headed for celluloid. The Sun is reporting that the lifestyles of Moss, Sienna Miller, and Rhys Ifans, are currently being researched by a group of Hollywood film-makers for a new film.

According to the article, it is the same team who made Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up and Superbad.

"They worked with Russell Brand on Forgetting Sarah Marshall so have heard all about his weird and wonderful experiences in Primrose Hill," a source said. "The area is full of celebs but also lots of unemployed musicians and they like the idea that everyone looks and acts like they are famous, even if they are not. This movie could be the new Notting Hill, only darker than that film."

Hmm... do they know what they're getting themselves in for?! Or more importantly, I wonder who would play Moss and co. - Daisy Lowe and the Geldofs?