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My new favourite blog has snapped China Vogue's Anna Ziourova in Margiela ripped jeans. [Jak & Jil]
The film of the French fairytale Peau d'Âne looks like perfect rainy Sunday bedtime viewing. Plastic flowers, dyed-red horses and Catherine Deneuve? It makes Labyrinth look like the Seventh Seal. [Jeune Demoiselle]
Countdown to some kind of KoS online store imminent? I certainly hope so, check out those leggings! [Kingdom of Style]
We love the youth bloggers, but stylish O.A.Ps are just as cool, check out t [Advanced Style]
Cute new cropped hairdo + cute cropped leather jacket = thumbs up! [Karla's Closet]
Fab rundown of Fashion Week's statement shoes, pick your fave mine is a toss-up between Doo-Ri and Rodarte. [Threadtrend]