peachesgeldof_ppqparty.jpgIn case you missed the memo, Peaches Geldof's new reality TV series, Peaches: Disappear Here, debuted Sunday night.

Unfortunately the show, based around her role as an editor of her own magazine, failed to attract viewers. Audiences were down by 62 per cent on the channel's slot average, with only 8,000 viewers tuning into the MTV show. A dismal 6,000 then tuned in for the next screening at 9pm.

The five week series follows Peaches and her editorial team as they strive to put together a fashion and music magazine called Disappear Here. The series is produced by her father's TV company, Ten Alps.

Hmm... perhaps Miss P would be better off sticking to her new pursuits in the States, I leave it up to you to decide. Click here to watch the first episode and tell us what you think. (Sorry it is only viewable to those in the U.K.)