peaches_column.jpgKelly McAuliffe writes...

Am I the only one who doesn't get what all the fuss is about regarding one Peaches Geldof and a certain debut column for Nylon magazine? I know people have strong feelings towards the girl - whether they be good ones or bad - but I always thought most of us didn't really care either way...

So what is it about this particular column which has really fanned the flames and driven people to actually leave rather scathing and, not-to-mention lengthy, comments? This isn't the first time la Geldof has got out the old pen and paper you know - does anyone remember stints at Elle Girl, The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph? (I don't, but apparently they happened.)

Sure, the article was a tad on the cheesy side: (The sun glows a burned orange as it sinks behind a skyscraper, a car horn screeches irritably, the wind whistles through the acres of willows in Central Park: New York, the most offbeat and eccentric city in America, is my new home.)

And yeah, we're all kind of sick of seeing her mug in the papers everyday, but really, what were we expecting from a 19-year-old London scenester anyway? It's got it all: name-dropping, travelling, parties and shopping - did we really expect, or indeed want, her to talk about anything hard-hitting or socially relevant?

The lass has done a lot of other controversial things in her time and this one seems fairly tame in comparison. So why has it caused this, as the Daily Mail called it, "unprecented wave of hate"? Is this the tipping point of over-exposure? Is it an offshoot reaction to her not-so-well received MTV show Disappear Here? Was it really just a bad article?

Read the article here, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you think the article is silly and pointless? Despite this, do you still want to know what she's been up to? Do you think the article is actually good? Do you not really care either way? Do you even know who Peaches Geldof is?? We're really curious!