Miuccia Prada's S/S 2009 Miu Miu show was apparently a look into European history, but at times it looked more like homeless 'chic'. This is about as close to Mugatu's Derelicte as you're going to get away from your Zoolander DVD, that's for sure. At one point a model graced the catwalk in a pleated burlap dress littered with fraying holes, another wore a matching skirt with a flash of pink spray paint across the front. Hardly red-carpet worthy, but a change from blue, peach and sheer. That said, away from the more edgy pieces there were slinky silk dresses, amazing prints (like Roman tiles in an ancient bathhouse) and paint-splattered pictures of weapon-wielding Centurions...all belted neatly at the waist of course. Throw in dozens of inexplicable pleated aprons worn to one side, and stern models with super-severe hair, and this was one collection that definitely made you pause for thought. CLICK THE IMAGE FOR A FULL GALLERY.