katemoss_glamour.jpgAs most of us know, Oliver Stone and his posse are currently in town to promote their new flick, W. While in London, the American director has been living it up from one bar to the next and, according to The London Paper, has been keen to get in contact with Miss Bar-hopper herself, Kate Moss.

A source revealed to the paper that Stone spent much of one evening on his phone, trying to get Kate to come party with him.

"Oliver kept texting Kate and leaving her messages trying to ­persuade her to meet up," the source added. "His pleas were starting to become a bit desperate and he was obviously having no luck."

But why was he so eager to meet up with the supermodel? Could he be considering her for a future film role? We already know that her life, along with the rest of the Primrose Hill crew, could soon be destined for the silver screen.