katemossstyle.jpgIt was only a matter of time before someone wrote a Kate Moss style biography, wasn't it? The good news with this one is that it's actually good, and written by someone who has access to all the right people.

'Kate Moss Style' is a glossy, photo-filled hardback book penned by stylist, journalist, author and all-round fashionista Angela Buttolph. It's released today, but I was lucky enough to get hold of a preview copy, which means I've had plenty of time to delve into the stylish world of Mossy. It tells her life story through her clothes and haircuts, which is surprisingly compelling...

Buttolph knows who to go for to get the goss, which means there are quotes from celeb pals, designers, PRs and industry professionals, and while the whole thing is so gushy it makes you want to vom, the pictures will have you green with envy. Especially the ones with Johnny Depp!

To tell you the truth, I've never been a die-hard Kate fan, but flicking through this book, there's no denying the woman knows how to put together an outfit. From wellies and hotpants at Glastonbury to vintage Dior at a gala, Kate can pull off anything.

What I found more interesting though, were the quotes from industry people. Many people talk about how they'd got Kate to wear their clothes, and discuss the effect she has on sales. From the notorious J Brand jeans that bought flares back into fashion, to the story of how she ended up modelling for Matthew Williamson's first show (after eating a McDonalds on the floor with him and Jade Jagger) it's amazing what power Kate has on the fashion industry as a whole.

Did you know, for example, that Kate had one of the first ever Balenciaga Lariat bags (Nicolas Ghesquière gave it to her after she modelled in one of his shows) and it didn't even have a name when she first started toting it around town. It went on to be one of the first 'it' bags.

If you like tidbits like that, this book is definitely for you!