myloyaltycard.jpgNewsflash! Shops want your money, so anything they can do to bribe you into spending your moolah with them instead of their rival is good. Roll up, who've jumped on the 'stick with us and we'll treat you right' bandwagon with their new My Loyalty card.

The rules are simple with this one. Spend your hard-earned dosh with them, and they'll give you a point for every pound. Get 500 points, and a £20 voucher code is yours to spend on your next designer splurge vital purchase. Bearing in mind My Wardrobe stocks designer brands with an average price tag of £200+ per item, it only takes a couple of 'add to my-bag' clicks for you to build up those points. It's free to sign up, so if you're spending big, you may as well give it a go!