We really must be desperate if we're reverting to things that were fashionable only a couple of years ago (come on, admit it, you wanted to be Sienna Miller for a season or so too). This time around, boho has been polished up. I've heard the look called everything from Pobo (posh boho) to Faux-ho (fake boho) and even Fo-ho (folk/boho). Fashion speak aside, it's basically a bit posher now. This time around you need Sloany hair and designer shoes to get it right, rather than jewelled flipflops and irritatingly long fringes. Mango have definitely got their finger on the pulse with plenty of nods to the look. My favourite is the middle dress, which has a slight oriental flavour and an interesting draped shoulder detail.

[L -R dresses £70, £60 and £45 all from Mango]