kim_columnpic.jpgSo the WAGs are responsible for dashing the hopes and dreams of England by losing us the World Cup.

I know, erm... huh?

I am not about to sit here and discuss Rio Ferdinand's latest excuse (a) because this isn't a football blog, and (b) because it's just plain ludicrous. But it has thrown up a whole new set of questions, such as in these credit-crunching times, is the day of the WAG finally over?


You have to admit, WAG-phenomena, and their attempts at reality TV stardom, has certainly died down of late. After all, Coleen McLoughlin, I mean Rooney, is now officially off-the-market and married, Victoria Beckham has skipped town for the bright lights of LA, and as for the rest of them... remind me, who are they again?

Every day it seems we are being warned to tighten our purses, and to hunker down in preparation of the tough economic times ahead. This being said, do we really want to continue to see the rich and plastic beautiful strutting about in their spray-on tans, tottering about on silly-inch Louboutins and carrying the latest £3,000 bag? Hardly.

I know that while I nervously check my bank balance to see if I'll be able to afford loo roll for the next week, the last thing I want to see splashed across Grazia is how much Cheryl Cole just paid for her extensions. And if what the politicians and financial experts are telling me is true, then surely things of an ostentatious nature should be struck from our visual landscape immediately.

Whether WAGs will be finally relegated to the back of our minds, along with acid wash jeans and stirrup trousers, or be reignited every few years like shoulder pads, remains to be seen. But what is guaranteed is that I can afford loo roll... this week, hurrah!

What do you think? Do you think that it's all over for the WAGs or not? Tell us by leaving your opinions below.