Iso faceriser.jpgMy boyfriend isn't very talkative. He doesn't pay any rent and he doesn't have a job. He lies in bed all day, talking up three quarters of the bed and stealing the covers.

Even though I'm a tough cookie I don't see myself getting rid of him anytime soon, you see my boyfriend is a clothes boyfriend. Mainly made up of clean laundry I've dumped on my bed and the odd jumper I've flung off my clothes boyfriend is an ever-present part of my life.

Until I can afford a separate room for my clothes I think I will always be doomed to be with my clothes boyfriend, and his little offspring that dot themselves round my room (what? It's a long-term relationship!) One friend had a clothes boyfriend permanently slumped over her exercise bike, while another friend's laundry lover just sits, motionless on a chair.

I might be able to stand my ground where men are concerned but when it comes to clothes I'm a pushover. What's that? You're a little faded and the neckline is wrong? Of course you can stay the night!

Yes I should be strong, just walk away and tell myself that from now on I will on date only classic designer pieces but still the ragtag, secondhand and cast-off comes a-calling. Months of unbridled charity shopping have left my wardrobe fit to burst, but I don't really want to get rid of anything just yet. Are there any CQ readers out there who also have an unwanted interloper lurking in their bedroom?