Iso faceriser.jpgHalloween is only a few days away and if you haven't started thinking about costumes you'd better get your skates on!

Fancy dressers fall into one of two camps, there are the girly dressers who opt for costumes like a sexy angel, sexy devil or sexy cat... You get the idea. I am firmly in camp disgusting. The more horrible the better as far as I'm concerned and anyone found coming to my Halloween party with a pair of sparkly devil horns will be shown the door.

All Hallows Eve is the one time you are permitted to go all out with your clothing, without caring about looking pretty or showing your fashion knowledge.

For the politically inclined you could dress up as Sarah Palin; costumes of the Republican Vice-Presidental nominee have been flying off the shelves and she is apparently the de rigeur choice for those who want to make a statement. A great spooky fashion choice is Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel designer is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their style savvy but still go for something scary.

A deranged '50s housewife complete with bloody scissors was one of my more inspired childhood Halloween costumes while Gemma tells me her mum once made her a particularly special pumpkin costume from an old orange quilt. I'm quite poroud of my 'Lara Croft Womb Raider' costume from last year but Fur Coat No Knickers' Rachael wins hands down for her Kerry Katona costume complete with a dress made from woven Iceland carrier bags.

I haven't quite decided what to wear yet, dressing up as Dawn Porter was an early idea but I'm holding out for a last-minute flash of inspiration.

What will you be dressing up as this Friday?