emporioarmanidirectorcomp.jpgGiorgio Armani is one of the few founding designers of that time to still be working. And he wants everybody to know that he isn't going anywhere any time soon.

The 74-year-old has told Italian daily, Il Sole, that he has no contingency plan or heir lined up to take his place, putting to rest speculation that retirement is on the horizon.

"It is painful but you need to have the courage that, once it is done - not to have any claims over it," he said. "In the case of reaching a certain age or the market needing a radical change in style, it is extremely difficult for someone who created a company to detach themselves from it."

Aware that his comments may now cause us to think that he has plans to sell up, Armani added: "I have never posed myself the problem, looking at the pros and cons... I have not picked my 'heir'. Touch wood, we're not talking about it but an organisation that is so precise could easily survive me. I can easily manage this as I have always firmly kept the style, management and ownership in my hands."