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Heidi Klum is facing pressure to find a new network home for Project Runway, after it was dumped by U.S. network Bravo for a copycat designer reality show, called Fashion House.

TV execs at Bravo have all ready opened auditions for the replacement series, announcing casting call dates in four major cities, which began in New York on Sunday.

Series owner, Harvey Weinstein, sold the series to Lifetime for a reported $150 million last summer. But that deal was blocked by Bravo, which issued a court order to stop the sale.

The case is due back in court next month, however it seems that plans to pause production on a clone show until it is settled have been scrapped.

"We've shot the [sixth] whole season already, we don't know what will happen, so we're kind of waiting to hear what the bigwigs have to say on what's gonna happen with this battle. I just hope we air," Klum recently said.

Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan are believed to have already filmed guest spots for the sixth season.

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