fabulousfrocks.jpgA copy of the new fashion book 'Fabulous Frocks' landed on my desk this week, and I spent the next half an hour poring over it, emitting the odd "ooh" or "ahh". The book is essentially dress porn, full of glossy photos of amazing couture, memorable designs and red carpet favourites (think Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy and Anne Hathaway in Marchesa).

There's also a fair amount of text to support the imagery, giving you a history of the last 100 years of the dress. It covers design mavericks like Paul Poiret, Claire McCardell, Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, as well as giving insight into more modern mavericks like Thierry Mugler, John Galliano and Hussein Chalayan.

I can only think of one person who might love this book more than me, and that's Erin. If you also love frocks as much as you love coffee table books, this one's for you*. It's by Jane Eastoe & Sarah Gristwood, and goes on sale today for £25 RRP or £15 on Amazon.

*and on that note, I really must buy a coffee table...