dpfunfur.jpgMy inner hippy is calling to me. Ever since I saw pictures of my mother in the 70s wearing her fun fur coat with her pageboy haircut, I've wanted one of my own. Mom's was cream, bracelet-sleeved and fastened with one hook at the neck. It actually still resides in the closet under the stairs at their house, but it's so chunky, boxy and hairy that I couldn't wear it now even if it didn't smell like mothballs.

However, modern faux furs have benefited from 30-odd years of fabric development, and more up to date, flattering shapes. I tried this baby on in Dorothy Perkins at Westfield yesterday and I was very tempted to buy it (it's £65). It's surprisingly close-fitting, so it doesn't add to much bulk, but it still has that luxurious, toasty-warm feeling that you get from a cosy faux fur.

I'm still cautious of buying faux fur in case someone thinks it's real, though. I don't want to be floured at fashion week!