It is that time of year again, when we take a look at Kate Moss's latest holiday collection for Topshop, a combination of glitzy eveningwear, vintage-inspired pieces, and lots of embellishment. However, this year's collection has a slight twist - it features a very, very limited edition dress... so exclusive that Topshop has only made 10 of them at £400 a pop. Pictured below, the floor-length blue sequinned gown is based on that famous dress, once owned by Britt Eckland, that Kate Moss wore to her 30th birthday. Eckland previously wore the dress to the premiere of The Man With the Golden Gun, so you can see the Bond-girl link here with this range.

The range hits stores 28th October, so stay glued to the website. More of the collection can be viewed in our gallery.