selinavistscq.jpgWe had a very special visitor at Shiny Towers today. One of our favourite fashion bloggers, Selina from Flying Saucers, was in town to interview Gok Wan and attend the Spectacle Wearer of the Year awards, but she took a bit of time out of her day to pop in, allow us to coo over her gorge sailor dress and new Reiss coat, and chat about blogging, style and what geeks the CQ team are.

It's always great fun to meet the bloggers we read about every day, especially when they're so passionate about what they do. If you're not a fan of Selina's blog already, you should definitely take a look.

We're hoping in the future to be able to organise some events for everyone involved in spreading the world of style across the web. Until then, remember if you're ever in London and you want to see where the, um, 'magic' happens, we love visitors to Shiny Towers!