george15poundcoat.jpgWhen talking in detail last week about shopping for the perfect coat, I emphasised the idea that it's worth splashing out on something beautiful if you can. In Winter you'll get more wear out of a good coat than any other item in your wardrobe, so I see it as an investment.

But I'm now going to contradict myself completely. The truth is, especially in the current financial climate, a lot of people just don't have £150+ to spend on a coat, even if they factor in the cost per wear over a period of time. This is why folks like George at Asda are working to bring truly cheap creations to the masses.

George's 'Little Black Coat' is the ultimate in credit crunch fashion - it's 66% wool, it's fully-lined, it's a classic, timeless shape...and it's £15. Obviously, it had to be our Bargain Pick of the Week.