balenciaga_nataliavodianovaopens.jpgI suppose it was only a matter of time, but I still can't help feel a twinge of excitement over the news that Balenciaga is branching out into perfumes - again.

After letting its licensing deal with Groupe Jacques Bogart lapse at the end of last year, Balenciaga has renewed its fragrance division thanks to a new deal with Coty Prestige.

While details are yet to be announced, the label's first scent is slated to launch in spring 2010.

"Fragrance is really something that was absolutely missing in the Balenciaga universe," said Balenciaga president and chief executive officer Isabelle Guichot.

With the creative genius of Nicolas Ghesquière behind it, there will no doubt be plenty to look forward to come launch time. Guichot added: "He is very excited about this possibility and about extending the reach of Balenciaga, and is already at work on concepts."

Cue trumpets.

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