Speaking of designer diffusion lines, the eagerly-anticipated second range of Alice McCall for Topshop has finally filtered into store (we initially heard 25th September was the arrival day) and is racing out of store almost as quickly! So what is it like? I have the lowdown after the jump...

Currently just four pieces are available online, but we're hoping there is more to come...

My favourite is the kimono dress with rouching, although it seems like I am in the minority - there were plenty left when I popped up to see them at Oxford Street during lunch. The Bow Dress on the other hand was pretty much goneburger, except for one loner which was sadly not in my size (isn't that always the way?) FYI: The fabric looks slightly lilac on the website, but is most definitely grey when you see it in person, without any purplish tones.

The pencil skirt also looks quite different than the web would suggest - I actually thought it was a lot nicer in person and the fabric is heavier and more denim-like than I imagined. Thumbs up for that one. CQ ed-in-chief Gemma's favourite - the one-shoulder dress - was nowhere to be seen... either they haven't yet arrived in-store, or some East London fashionistas have already snapped them up!

After the success of the last range, it's not surprising they've upped the prices a tad (dresses are a little more expensive at £60/£65) but there is some good news on the sizing front. After only doing sizes 8, 10 and 12 last time round, they've introduced a 14 into the mix for this one. (But where's the 6 guys? I'm begging you!)

What do you think of this collection compared to the last one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.