sinha stanic aleksandar stanic fiona sinha.jpg
Isabelle with Sinha Stanic in Zara's clothes. Look, no cheating!

I've been fearing the Wardrobe Swap for weeks now, but actually putting on Zara's outfit wasn't so bad. In a weird case of synchronicity we both chose polka dot tops for our Day One outfits, coincidence or fashion ESP? You decide!

My day as Zara:

It was nice to have my clothes picked out for the day and the heels she chose for me weren't that high. The crochet panel top was wa-ay more revealing than I'm used to and I haven't worn a hip-hugging top in ages. I didn't like the stretch denim mini, far too small and it drew lots of extremely unwanted attention, I don't know how Zara copes!
I jumped at the chance to get a taxi with my flatmate to the Sinha Stanic interview and even her workmates could tell something was up wardrobe-wise. At the interview Aleksandar Stanic and Fiona Sinha were really nice about the swap but I think found it quite funny. It was nice being so tall in the heels and I even ran for the bus back to the office with Gemma!
Meeting up with friends later was an experience, comments ranged from laughter to the offensive. I guess when your friends are used to seeing you dressed as a charity shop old lady it takes some getting used to.

Isabelle's verdict: The denim skirt and cleavage top were not my style but I felt more comfortable than expected. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, and I think I might start wearing heels more, even though I had a face on by the end of the night!

Isabelle ocarroll and Zara rabinowicz catwalk queen wardrobe swap collage day one.jpg

My day as Isabelle:

It didn't start too badly. I was nervous about wearing charity shop clothes, but I knew they were freshly laundered so it was OK. The shoes were worse though, tan and flat with weird edging around the upper. I liked the high waisted skirt but would never EVER have tucked a T shirt in without Iso's strict instructions as I prefer more fitted outfits. It felt very strange walking around, like I was inside her skin and I noticed people started reacting to me in different ways. There were less catcalls and more looks of appreciation which I liked, though I did feel very odd. I liked it enough to not bring a change of clothes despite an interview with SKY NEWS, so I guess I was a success.

Zara's verdict:
I liked the high waist on the skirt and might consider getting one now, but a definite no to the flats and the polka dot t-shirt. Not as traumatic as it could have been though- but tomorrow involves high-waisted trousers so we'll see.