Sorry we've been a bit lazy about snapping our fashion week outfits this season. This is mainly because we've been so busy bringing you stuff from the shows that we haven't had time. We've also all come down with the dreaded Fashion Week Flu (yes, it exists) so I spent yesterday in bed, Kelly's off today and Isabelle is coughing up a storm and will probably be the next (wo)man down. You've gotta love London!


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Isabelle says: "I'm wearing Gap trousers from a few years ago, a shirt from Carroll in France, a cardigan from New Look and shoes from New Look that I customised with studs. The scarf is piece of fabric from mum's friend's neighbour. I AM SICK which is why I look shabitat."

Gemma says: "My dress is my best eBay find ever. It's vintage 50s, handmade (even the belt) and cost me less than £10. I feel very Stepford Wifey in it, and it fits so perfectly it could have been made for me. The shoes are from Marks & Spencer, they have pink heels that you can't see in the pic. My hair was supposed to be a bit bombshell-ish but it all fell out."