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Last day of the Wardrobe Swap and Zara and I couldn't wait to get back into our own clothes. Check out day one and day two if you missed out!

Day Three:
Today's outfit was my favourite, a pussy bow red satin dress. It was far more feminine that I would ever wear but when I wore it with a cardigan, flat lace-ups and a school marmish bun I kind of felt like I was channelling seasons-old Prada.

Zara was not happy with my cheating (sorry!), but my feet were still killing from the last two days. In the evening I changed into her heels and took off the cardie and even donned a blonde wig at one point to fully get under Zara's skin! I felt quite glam in the dress but I didn't like the attention I got from men in it. I generally dress with a slightly masculine edge and it usually has the effect of weeding out creeps and sleazebags but at the karaoke bar our staff do was at I was being leered at by drunken suits, not my type at all.

I was so excited to get back into my own clothes but it made me realise how much joy I get from dressing. I kind of enjoyed feeling girly but I couldn't keep it up for more than 3 days. Another plus is it brought me closer to the lovely Zara, and I got to experience the world through her blue eyes!

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Back in our own clothes, high five!

Day Two:
Today was the biggest challenge yet, hot pink tights and a floral short smock the two things that I hate! Teamed with FLATS once again. Got strange looks on the way to the bus stop and the builder asked me to cheer up rather than whistling. Once seated it's not so bad, but popping out for sarnie provoked more stress and I felt very uncomfortable. So much of my legs were on show- and not in a subtle way!!

I found I kept telling people that I wasn't wearing my clothes and the feedback was surprisingly positive, with them saying how much the different style suited me. It was good to step outside my comfort zone and I'm definitely going to try more variations on my standard high street chic. I'm still not sure I'm brave enough to buy from charity shops, but seeing as I liked all the positive feedback I'm not as reluctant as I once was.

Clothes swapping- a great way to beak a style rut, and a challenge I managed to cope with. It's strangely liberating wearing someone else's outfits as you feel like you have more freedom.