zara rabinowicz isabelle ocarroll wardrobe swap day two.jpg
Zara and Isabelle, the reality and the dream

After a pretty good start, it's day two and things are going pretty badly for the Wardrobe Swap team. I have to say, despite Zara's reservations I think she looks awesome in the high-waisted trousers, our Zsa Zsa has got a figure to die for!

Isabelle's day:
I arrive into work half an hour late having completed the 10 minute walk from the tube barefoot. Zara's heels are physically impossible to walk in and I've gritted my teeth as I lagged behind the sea of commuters on the tube. I also have a headache from the alice band; today is probably the worst day so far.

Without Zara's heels I feel really dowdy in the hipster knee-length skirt, the proportions feel really strange. I also miss wearing colour, badges, and strange accessories. In short I have a bit of a grump on!

On the positive side I've forgotten how easy hipster clothes are to wear, no uncomfortable restrictive waistband so I decide to treat myself to half a wheel of camembert at lunch!

zara rabinowicz isabelle ocarroll wardrobe swap day two 2.jpg
Putting on our grumpy faces, and posing like each other.

Zara's day:
High waisted trousers. Ok, I can do this, I don't want to but I'll cope. Then I realized they were men's trousers, slightly small, and SHORT. As in three quarter length and I had to wear that with flat brogues! Add a tucked in baggy t shirt (baggy, again??) I felt like I was dressing up in a bizarre way, but I did get lots of compliments about my waist.

My sister perhaps summed it up best, 'you look great and put together but I'd never ever wear that'. Still it's nice to step outside your comfort zone now and then.

Later that night I got chatted up by a stranger who asked if I was French. I'd never thought about it before but Isabelle definitely has Parisian chic going on. I actually ended up rather liking the brogues, but the trousers get a big fat NO. Maybe if they'd been full length and teamed with heels I would have considered it but as they were, never again.