Isabelle and Zara catwalk queen wardrobe swap back to back.jpgUnless I actually swapped with My Chemical Toilet's Stuart Waterman you couldn't pick a more different pair of wardrobes than mine and Kiss and Make Up's Zara Rabinowicz.

Zara is a girly, glam blonde confection of a woman who is no stranger to heels, smart handbags and good grooming habits. I, on the other hand am happiest upended in a charity shop bin and could probably do with running a hairbrush through my hair.

Luckily for us a shared sense of humour means we came up with the genius idea of swapping clothes over a glass of wine at a PR event recently.

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Zara and I have each brought in 3 outfits for this week and the deal is we will wear them all day, and through the night whatever we get up to. I have a gig, PR event and a pub quiz to brave in my clothes and we will both be turning up at the Shiny Media karaoke session as each other which might get a little confusing after a few drinks!

At the moment Zara seems pretty zen about the clothes I have thrown at her which is gracious considering she'd rather die than go charity shopping. I think my inner control freak is seriously worried about stepping outside my clothing comfort zone!

She says: 'I'm excited about trying out Isabelle's style. We have very different tastes, I favour classic with a twist and she goes for out-there Vogue styling, but she always managed to look impeccably turned out." (Thanks Zara, your cheque's in the post.) Put me in an old lady's sundress or some strange men's suiting and I'm happy as Larry but try to get me in anything 'normal' and I break into a cold sweat. I get stressed out enough as it is when I go on holiday and haven't packed the 'right' clothes for my mood, cue much grumpiness and embarrassing childish whingeing. Nice.

Isabelle and Zara catwalk queen wardrobe swap.jpg
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Zara always looks good so I know I don't have anything to worry about but nontheless I'm still chewing at my nails and have even made my flatmate promise to get the tube into work with me on the first day.

I'll let Zara have the final word on the matter: "I'm not up to much accessorising and I tend to throw on whatever is clean so having a set dresscode will be quite exciting, but I am worried about her choice of purple tights and dress which is micro mini skirt length. Still, I'm not one to run from a challenge, so we'll see what happens (and she has the nerve sto say she's worried about my 'normal' clothes'!)" What a trooper!

Stay tuned over the next few days to see how mine and Zara's wardrobe swap pans out... Eek!