uniquelacedress.jpgThe lace dress is a difficult look to get right. So many lacy dresses look cheap and nasty, and for some reason high street retailers seem intent on making their lace offerings as girl as possible, adding frills and details where they're really not needed.

Topshop Unique have attempted to tackle that issue by keeping the shape of their £150 lace swing dress very simple, going for a cobweb look rather than the more old-fashion floral. I love the seaming on the shoulders and the slashed neckline. This is not a dress for shy and retiring types (nor for anyone who needs a bra, to be honest) but I'd love to see it in real life. I almost want to see what it would look like layered over the spiderweb bodystocking that's been doing the rounds of the fashion blogs recently. Possibly a little too 'Halloween costume' for everyday, but I bet I'll see someone rocking the look at London Fashion Week. After all, 'gothic romance' is the look du jour!