olsen_footwearstevemaddene&j.jpgFrom our US bloggers at Shiny Style...

It looks like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are continuing the expansion of their Elizabeth and James line.

After doing a line of jewellery with Robert Lee Morris, the twins are now teaming up with Steve Madden on Elizabeth and James shoes.

The question our friends at Fashionista are asking is will they be affordable shoes a la Madden's usual sold alongside $700 dresses, or will we be seeing the advent of $500 Steve Madden pumps?

With the financial situation the way it is, and the possibility of actually seeing a cap on what fashionistas will spend on style, it seems the wiser choice would be the high-low one-two punch.

The shoes will be available in high-end speciality retailers in the spring and we're thinking there will be some sky high heels in the mid.

Are there any Mary-Kate and Ashley shoe faves you hope to see replicated? Tell us in the comments.