lfw_futureinddoubt.jpgA shadow of doubt has been cast over the future of London Fashion Week, with designers in New York planning to show their collections a week later in February next year.

Currently, the two fashion weeks run one after the other, twice yearly, in order to allow buyers and press to fly between the cities. Marie Claire reports that New York is now planning to show seven days later next year, leaving London with just four days to cram in all its catwalk shows and presentations.

"We have no choice. This is not an arbitrary decision," said the executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. "I am respectful of every city's needs... Maybe the first day of London could be for local designers."

As for their reason? According to U.S. designers, they say that the extra time is needed to finish off their collections, due to the delay caused in obtaining fabric from the mills in Italy over the public holidays.

However, it seems, that London organisers aren't about to bow to international pressure. Hilary Riva of the British Fashion Council says: "It's very easy to say that London could be shorter. But we're the least strong city financially, and cutting short the week would further reduce our ability to bring in revenue."

Could another blow for our already struggling LFW be the final nail in the coffin? Let us hope not.