katiegrand_leavingpop.jpgOur mates over at Fashionista who always have their finger on the pulse have picked up on a doosie. They have reason to believe that Katie Grand is leaving POP for hallowed halls of Conde Nast *gasp* to start up a new fashion magazine *faint*.

Yes, it's all just speculation at this stage, so let's not get too carried away. Plus, there were those other rumours not too long ago that Grand was taking over the top job at Mulberry, which never materialised - remember?

But it does throw up a lot of questions, such as what will happen to POP? Who will/can possibly replace its founder? But more importantly - what new glossy rag could Conde be putting together? Argh... the suspense! Fashionistas - we love you guys but must you torture us so?!

[Image: Rex Features]