luella bartley londonf fashion week nylon.jpgSusie is going ga-ga over Charles Anastase, and rightly so. [Susie Bubble]

London Fashion Week's front rowers are a stylish bunch, and while they lack US-style gloss they can definitely give the New Yorkers a run for their money! [Marie Claire]

DSR is keeping tabs on what everyone is wearing at the shows, Jaeger's crowd was a decidedly chic bunch [Disney Rollergirl]

Faran is loving the Luella show in Hyde Park's Crystal Palace, and who can blame her?! [Nylon]

Now for a bit of bile amogst all the LFW-love... Temperly ain't gonna be getting any Christmas cards from Rachael this year, that's for sure! [Fur Coat No Knickers]

[Image: Nylon]