cocktail coat anne demeulemeester boots.jpg
As the proud owner of about a dozen coats I wholeheartedly support DSG's 'cocktail coat' idea, why be fashion-hampered by your outer layer? [Disney Rollergirl]
Nicking your mum's shoes is always going to be more fun when they're Anne Demeulemeester heeled boots. jealous, moi? [Sea of Shoes]
Rosie Pop is taking a break from blogging wish her all the best on her fashion holiday, she will be sorely missed! [Rosie Pop]
London Fashion Week is slowly creeping from the back of our minds to the forefront, and Susie Bubble's got some good points about London. Not really European, not really Yank it occupies an odd space on the fashion calendar. [Style Bubble]
Wow, Tavi's comments about the douchey popular guys at school poking fun at her clothes took me wa-ay back. It gets better Tavi, honest! [Style Rookie]