With most designers always looking ahead and trying to uncover the new silhouette (with Gareth Pugh's head somewhere in 2035), Balmain managed to capture what is right now perfectly, without it seeming either dated or done. With a soundtrack that featured early Madonna, there was certainly a Desperately Seeking Susan aesthetic happening - the only thing missing from the white tutu frocks were the black fingerless fishnet gloves. Stonewashed and torn denim felt so 90s, but paired with military jackets with 'pinched' shoulders, brought it back to everything we're feeling (and loving) right now.

Dresses were slashed, bandage-wrapped, micro, crystal-embellished and did we say micro!? There was a lace dress which could be the subject of an office sweepstake - how long before Carine Roitfeld will be seen in this? (My money is on sooner rather than later!) All in all, it was a show to satiate all those hardcore Balmain followers... and also gain designer Christophe Decarnin a truckload of new ones.