The Harlequin trend has had a lot of people shaking their head in disbelief, especially after Topshop put out a Pierrot hat for the real die-hards. That might be a step too far, but their gorgeous woven dress was one I remembered from the press days (up close, you can see there's an amazing amount of work that's gone into it) and it's a real showstopper. For the outfit pick, I've kept up the drama with a handcrafted shrug - it comes in various colours, I think teal would be amazing - and shiny accessories. Just add black tights, and you're ready to party...


Strapless harlequin dress £120 Topshop
Ribbon tie shoes with pink soles £60 Faith
Julia Clutch £250 Mulberry
Handmade shrug $55 Countessa at Etsy
Mega Flower Studs £30 Mikey