I know I should be out doing London Fashion Week-related things, but when this email hit my inbox I couldn't resist putting it up straight away. I know shapewear is all the rage right now, but this is taking it a little bit too far, I think. What you see up there is not a shrug. Oh no my friends! That, is arm hosiery...

Yes, you read right. Arm hosiery. As in tights for your arms. What's even better is that it's called 'Flabuless'.

The product is basically a hold-you-in compression sleeve (think Spanx for the arms) that'll hold in your bingo wings and create a more streamlined arm shape. Of course, you'll have to wear a 3/4 or long-sleeved top which hides most of that anyway (unless you fancy trying some skillful layering) but at least they're trying, eh?

I love the idea of the product (I'm constantly looking at my upper arms in pictures and moaning) but I can't help but think it's not really solving a problem because it's so visible. Now if someone can create something that'll do this and allow me to wear my strappy tops and dresses (you know, other than a LOT of reps at the gym) then I might shell out my cash!