What you hope from a Marc by Marc collection is easy wearability, the kind of clothes you want when you're the girl who sleeps through her alarm clock, who eats her brekkie on the run and doesn't care if she has chipped nail polish. The type of girl who wants basic yet fun clothes to throw on, so she can just go about her day not worrying if her shirt is rumpled, not fully tucked in properly or if her hair isn't combed. And despite all this, she will go through her day knowing she looks good.

Well, as per usual, Marc obliged and we got easy wearability in spades. This Spring/Summer, Marc girls are going to roll out of bed with dishevelled hair, pull it back with a headband, add one of his cutesy pinafore dresses and a rumpled shirt, throw on multiple belts (or perhaps a bumbag or three) and take that toast on the go! She might want to change it up in Katie Holmes-style peg-leg slacks or even a jumpsuit, but either way, she'll keep wearing it with a cheeky grin and quite possibly, some mismatched socks.