greenmoss_wsjinterview.jpgWe all know how much Kate Moss and Sir Philip Green admire each other. Indeed their close friendship has attracted much speculation, mostly from the tabloid press, that there was more going on than just being pals. In a recent interview with WSJ, the pair sound off what they really think of each other, and (surprise, surprise) it's all rave reviews...

Green on Moss:

"We're mates; I make sure Kate's happy when she's under real pressure. There are times when I phone Kate up and say 'We've got to do this thing tomorrow.' She probably worries but she always says 'OK, I'll be there."

Moss on Green:

"He is annoyingly right. Sometimes I'm like 'Oh God!' and we might have a debate, but he's usually right. Philip is not successful for no reason. Being in business with someone like that is good. The other day I called him up and said: 'I need to come and see you.' So I turned up with my pad and pen and told him: 'I heard we haven't bought enough stock.' He was a bit shocked but it made him laugh. He took me through what was going on."

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