Nicole Farhi obama button.jpg

While it may be the US Presidential election grabbing headlines lately, politics seem to be playing a greater part in London's Fashion Week than it did at New York's.

According to Hadley Freeman on the Style File Blog a certain politico's wife wasn't pleased with her seating assignment.

Samantha Cameron, wife of conservative party leader David Cameron, wasn't pleased to find herself plopped down next to TV presenter and pretty young thing Alexa Chung in the front row at Giles. She reportedly asked to be moved and was subsequently placed down the row with the Vogue girls.

The American election had an affect on London fashion week, too. Nicole Farhi sent her red, white and blue-clad model down the runway with an Obama 08 button on the lapel. It's little surprise that many in the fashion world lean liberal, but one would expect to see such displays in New York, not London.

Perhaps this is just more proof of how creative this fashion week really is. You can get away with anything!