Zara Kenyon (intern extraordinaire) attends her first LFW show...

My head is spinning at the moment. 24 hours ago I was in Greece, at 1:30 this morning I was just getting home and then, arriving at Shiny Towers at 10am I was sent off to the Betty Jackson show in the BFC tent. It's been a manic couple of days to say the least, but I'm delighted to say I have now officially attended London Fashion Week and my very first ever show...

I arrived at the Natural History Museum to see many passers-by trying to get involved with the fashion week atmosphere, taking photographs of the outside of the building and loitering about. Needless to say, it felt pretty good to waltz on past the bouncers with my ticket.

I got into the waiting area when it was still fairly empty and there was plenty of champagne to go around. However, as the room filled out, knowing nobody I became a bit of a wallflower as more and more people seemed to be bumping into more and more friends. Getting inside, I was one of the first few. I made my way to my seat, admittedly feeling better about my complete lack of contacts and pretty smug that there were people behind me who were having to stand.

I scanned the front row for celebrities, and I was sure some of them sort-of-maybe-kind-of-were. The paparazzi were on their hands and knees in front of them as they just had conversations with each other and posed for the cameras. But who were they? Well, I had no idea. Turns out it was Jo and Leah Wood, Mel Blatt and Lisa Snowdon. I blame the dim pre-show lighting!

Soon enough the lights came on, the music turned up, and the show was began. Tall and (even) skinnier than I expected, the models came strutting out in bright red lipstick and thick black headbands.


The clothes started out mostly in grey and white, lots of volume, with high ruched necks and white loose shirts tucked into pencil skirts. This made the bright orange that came out after a while a refreshing change to the greyscale looks I saw in the first few minutes. The orange worked surprisingly well with light blue and came out in the form of skirts, dresses and jumpsuits, the latter probably not an ideal choice unless you want to look like a prison escapee.

Towards the end more prints started making their way onto the runway. A short white dress with candy-coloured vertical stripes was a particular favourite of mine, and a striking blue floral print made an appearance a few times on tops and dresses.


And there it was. As quickly as it started, the show ended and I was soon on my way out, and back to the office to write it up and wait for the photos that you see above. There's no rest for the wicked. Or the interns!

[images: Rex Features]