As far as fashion royalty goes, you can't get much better than Jimmy Choo OBE, who sat front row at John Rocha, digital camera in hand, capturing much of the show on video. Much like me, really, except I wasn't quite so close to the models (and nobody wanted to take my picture).

Rocha's specialty is in the detail, and this collection showed that off perfectly. Stand-out pieces included beautiful cobweb knits (either full-length or full-skirted) in sheer black, and soft trench coats with tucked bubble hems that were one step away from making the models look like they'd tucked their coats into their knickers...

There were heavy white tweedy suits and pelmet skirted dresses with bloomers underneath, as well as a story entirely in black, with models dressed in tuxedo-inspired creations like drop-waisted sleeveless jackets, long dresses with tabard-style overshirts, and sheer tops and trousers under shorter pieces. Soft peach / nude dresses were covered in dozens of tiny frilled chiffon flowers which weighed down the top to give a real swing to the whole piece.

The real stunners came at the end, however. Black outfits were dressed up with intricately embellished silver scarves, neckpieces and bibs, and these were followed by a stream of bright dresses in yellows, peaches and royal blues. All of these were whisper-thin, except for when they were covered - again - with those unfinished chiffon frills or flowers.

See below for a video of the closing of the show, which gives you a good look at that last, evening story that is the most memorable part of a surprisingly gorgeous, modern collection.