From L-R: Newly-single Kate currently in Paris; the model's lipstick self-portrait to be sold at auction.

Kate Moss paints... Yes, really. The newly-single model is putting her very first painting under the hammer this Saturday in London. The self-portrait, drawn in lipstick and featuring stains of her ex Pete Doherty's blood (okay, ew!) is estimated to fetch between £30,000 and £40,000 at auction. Originally owned by Doherty, the artwork is unsigned by Moss but an inscription, "Who needs blood when you've got lipstick?" has been scribbled by the troubled rocker himself. It's all a little too reminiscent of Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob Thornton, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Kate is currently in Paris enjoying the lead-up to Paris Fashion Week - will we see her on the front rows, I wonder. Looking a little morose while quietly puffing on a cig (above, left) she actually does have a reason to smile. It has been revealed that The City of Light will pay tribute to the supermodel with the Les Arts Décoratifs set to open an exhibition in her honour - I'm pretty sure this can only propel her further into the celeb stratosphere.

Focussing on "Kate Moss the myth" in advertising, the show will open in November 2009, alongside a Madeleine Vionnet retrospective and an exhibition of Art Deco jewellery including pieces by Jean Desprès.

"We're working out what is available, but her modelling agency has kept hold of absolutely everything she's done from the very beginning, including archive material from two decades ago," curator-in-chief Pamela Golbin said.

Lordy, I wonder how much a swag like that might be worth... ker-ching!

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