columnfinal.jpgGemma Cartwright writes...

All my clothes have gone.

Ok, they haven't gone, exactly. But I can't get at them. They're currently all crammed into suitcases and bags. At last count there were three large cases, two small wheely trolleys, one overnighter and one big wheely bag (just a regular day for Kimberley Stewart).

You see, I'm moving to a new flat on Saturday (expect a wardrobe snoop as soon as I'm settled in). Packing my clothes was the job I knew would take the longest, so I got it out of the way first. Unfortunately, that now leaves me with a bit of a problem...

I am not a 'planner'. I don't lay my clothes out the night before so I can get dressed quickly in the morning. Oh no, I wait until the day to see how I feel. Do I want to be a preppy, nautical sailorette today? Or perhaps a Dita-esque burlesque babe? Am I a bit hungover and thus gravitating towards my jeans and threadless t-shirts? Or do I want to go all out with a flirty little dress, tights and a pair of heels?

Right now, I don't have that choice, and it's killing me. I'm working from home and wearing jogging pants today. Jogging pants! I kept them out just in case hell froze over and I decided to go to the gym, but after realising my new black jeans dye the white sofa in my current house, I had to compromise. This week, I only kept a few essentials out of the suitcases, so now I'm forced to wear a preselected group of dresses, jeans and t-shirts until my dad drags that last case out of the van and into my new pad so I can start unpacking. It's like perpetually staying with friend / boyfriend and living out of an overnighter.

And, of course, now all I can think of is the stuff that's sat at the bottom of the suitcases that would be just perfect for tomorrow's outfit. Why did the weather suddenly change and the rain start pouring down? Why do I keep seeing stuff on the S/S 2009 catwalks and think 'ooh, I have something like that!' and then realise it's languishing at the bottom of my DVF wheely bag?

It's times like this I realise I definitely couldn't do the whole 'capsule wardrobe' thing. It just doesn't work for me. I don't have a set 'look' I constantly stick to. Obviously I have a certain style but I do veer off from it on many occasions. I rely heavily on my mood when I'm picking outfits, and not being able to choose from my vast selection is not doing much for that mood.

I'm going to christen this feeling WAD* (like SAD but for the wardrobe). And it's as good an excuse as any for having too many clothes, right?

*come on, if the press can come up with terms like WAG, Shboot, Drop and Skort, I can have WAD, just this once.