formerceo_miffedvalentinodoco.jpgIt seems there is a few sour grapes over Matt Tyrnauer's documentary, Valentino: The Last Emperor, which opened at the Venice Film Festival last week. Former Valentino CEO, Matteo Marzotto, has told WWD of his disappointment in how he was portrayed.

"The fact that [apparel manufacturer] Marzotto took control of the Valentino brand when it was deeply in the red was blatantly omitted from the film," he said.

Marzotto added that most of his comments were edited out of the fly-on-the-wall film, which looks at the last few years of Valentino's career.

"There is no mention of how we turned the company around and sold it [to Permira] so advantageously for everyone. I am just made to look as the heartless industrialist."

He was even referred to by the designer's long-time business partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, as someone who "doesn't count."